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Properties and benefits of boldo.

Properties and benefits of boldo

Thanks to its properties we can benefit from boldo both internally and externally. It is very important that we do not exceed the indicated doses, as it can cause side effects.

It has the ability to help us improve digestion, reduce constipation and relieve urinary infections. But those are not the only properties of boldo! Do you want to know what else it is for? Then keep reading this article!

Boldo characteristics.

Also known as lemongrass, maroon or rose-colored lemon, it is a plant recommended for stomach, liver and intestinal ailments. The aroma it gives off is a mix between lemon and camphor, and the parts used in alternative medicine are the leaves (however, in some countries the bark is also used).

Boldo grows in dry, mountainous areas with a tropical and temperate climate, such as, for example, Chile and Argentina.

It can be used in gastronomy as an aromatic spice.

The Mapuches (aboriginal tribe of South America) have used it since pre-Columbian times to relieve disorders of all kinds.

Today boldo tea is used to treat gastrointestinal problems such as stomach pain or discomfort related to the liver and gallbladder.

What is boldo used for?

Some of the benefits of consuming boldo tea:

Improves bile and liver functions

Boldo has 20 alkaloids that stimulate and benefit the liver and gallbladder. Increases bile production and helps its expulsion. Prevents stone formation and reduces cholesterol levels. Purifies the blood and liver.

It is recommended for people with cirrhosis, jaundice, fatty liver, biliary dyskinesia and hepatobiliary insufficiency.

Has positive effects on the digestive system

The aroma of boldo tones and protects the stomach. It is advisable for stomach pains, gastritis and digestion problems. You can season legumes with the leaves of this plant (as if it were bay).

Thanks to its carminative properties, it is also antiflatulent, slightly sedative and analgesic. It is ideal for people who suffer from gas or wind. At the same time, it combats intestinal cramps and is somewhat laxative.

Boldo is also used to stimulate saliva secretion and increase appetite. It is very useful for those people who have anorexia problems or need to gain weight.

Additionally, chewing the leaves reduces bad breath.

Helps you sleep better.

Boldo tea is good for combating insomnia and sleep disorders. Its essential oils, eugenol, limonene and cymene, sedate and calm the nervous system. Boldo herbal teas also reduce anxiety, stress and nervousness.

Increases defenses.

People who have had surgery or are going through a disease that requires very invasive treatments (such as cancer) can take advantage of the benefits of boldo to improve the immune system.

It is also recommended for those who get sick frequently due to seasonal changes (colds, nasal congestion, colds, sore throat). Prepare some tea!

It is a powerful natural antibiotic.

Boldo in its natural state expels its strong aromas to fight against natural predators (insects, above all).

Its more than 10 nematicidal components help fight intestinal worms. Alternative medicine uses this plant to treat gonorrhea and malaria. It also works in cases of Escherichia Coli or Candida Albicans.

Reduces migraines and muscle pain.

Thanks to their calming and sedative effects, the leaves of the plant can help treat very intense headaches. In addition, they serve to relieve muscle tension thanks to their antispasmodic and relaxing properties.

They relax and help heal sprains, dislocations, strains and neck pain. In any case, you need to prepare a boldo compress.

Treats infections.

Thanks to its fungicidal properties, boldo helps in cases of the most common infections, such as ear or vaginal infections.

In the first case, it reduces the pain of otitis by reducing inflammation in the area. Once you make the tea, put a few drops into the infected ear.

In the second, it reduces the symptoms caused by candidiasis. It is necessary to perform a sitz bath with warm boldo tea.

Contraindications and side effects of boldo.

As we have indicated previously, if consumed in large doses, boldo can be hypnotic or anesthetic.

Also cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Its use is not recommended for those people who consume antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications, because it increases the risk of bleeding.

Patients with liver problems should also use this plant with caution, as should those with kidney conditions or bile duct obstructions. Those who drink a lot of alcohol should use a small amount because it can increase the risk of liver damage.

Pay close attention to pregnant women because boldo can be abortive. It is also not recommended for small children or infants.

Any internal treatment with boldo should be short, no more than four consecutive weeks, and never exceed the recommended doses.

If you want to have better liver health, naturally, and for it to be a purifier of vital organs such as the liver and pancreas mainly, as well as the gallbladder, stomach, intestines, colon, urinary and bile tracts.

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Bio Hepat is a natural product, made from herbal extracts, that serves as a purifier for vital organs such as the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, colon, urinary tract and bile ducts.

Bio Hepat is a natural product, made from herbal extracts, that serves as a purifier for vital organs such as the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, colon, urinary tract and bile ducts.

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