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The 10 reasons why you should not apologize for being the way you are 😌

the reasons not to apologize for being who you are
Do you spend a lot of time apologizing for being the way you are? Learning to love and respect ourselves is part of the process of personal growth, as well as recognizing our responsibilities and guilt. Knowing how, when and why to apologize is an art that can take years to master, however, there will always be opportunities for which apologizing is necessary.

The 10 reasons why you should not apologize for being the way you are

"You only learn to forgive in life when we, in turn, have needed to be forgiven a lot."

Asking for forgiveness for actions we have carried out against other people whom we have harmed does not mean the same as asking for forgiveness, for “Being” who you are. Being is not the same as doing, being refers to your individuality and uniqueness in this world. It's your life, it's your personal growth, it's you searching for the meaning of life.

On the other hand, sometimes we also use apologies or asking for forgiveness to make amends or mask our responsibilities, and it becomes a bad habit. The path to finding ourselves is long, perhaps it lasts a lifetime, but it is an individual and very personal process. So sometimes asking for forgiveness or apologizing becomes an annoying habit, and doing so, because of who you are, is a very negative and harmful idea about yourself.

Why ask for forgiveness

There are reasons why you should never apologize for being the way you are, the following are some of them.

  1. We are individuals. There is no other being in the universe equal to you, your eyes, your legs or other physical characteristics may be inherited from your relatives, but you will never be a being equal to another, the social, environmental conditions, and individual experiences have forged the being that Today you are, that deserves your respect .
  2. We all have different points of view on things . The perspective with which we look at others is very different from person to person, and the reactions we take regarding those perceptions will always be very different. Always reconcile your perspective with others, never leave your point, although it is true that you will always be right from your perspective, always mediate and try to empathize.
  3. Your life is yours, no one was born with you and no one will die with you or for you . Only you can feel, know, think and reason the things in your life better than anyone else, if you make a mistake only you can be affected
  4. Your actions can only affect you. To you or to the people who position themselves as your mirror and are willing to receive them, nothing in this world belongs to us except our own actions.
  5. You are not what others want nor do you have to be. You should not “be” how others want you to be, you are in control of your own personality.
  6. You don't do what others want you to do, nor do you have to. You are free to act as you want, to do or not to do is your decision and no one can control that.
  7. You don't behave the way others need you to behave, nor do you have to behave . Your behavior always brings consequences in the environment, but the key here is that those consequences will always be for you, so why behave how others tell you? At the end of the day, the result will always be for you.
  8. You are working on your own acceptance. When we face parts of ourselves we don't like, we work on our own acceptance, we can't be our enemy by constantly apologizing for everything.
  9. You believe in yourself. You are a unique and perfect being and you have put your faith in yourself, always work from the commitment to improve but never stop believing in yourself.
  10. We are imperfect and we make mistakes . One after another. That doesn't detract from anyone's value. Discover how much you are worth without focusing on imperfections.

Always remember, it is not about not recognizing our mistakes, and going through life harming others without feeling any remorse, it is about understanding the difference between “being” and “doing”, it is about your self-esteem and your individuality, loving yourself. yourself and be your faithful accomplice.

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