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Take care of your health at Christmas

Christmas is one of the favorite holidays for all of us since we use the excuse of the holidays to get together with our friends and family.
In most cases it means that we eat fried foods. and with a lot of saturated fats, which means that when the Christmas holidays are over we have always gained a few extra pounds.
According to experts, Christmas is the time of year when people gain a higher percentage of fat since the typical meals of these holidays are very high in carbohydrates and fats. Typical sweets such as Polvorones become the protagonists along with champagne and the increase in the intake of alcoholic beverages. Although it may seem very complicated, taking care of yourself during the Christmas holidays is easier than it seems.

Tips to take care of yourself at Christmas

You can enjoy Christmas and its food while we take care of ourselves. If, on the one hand, you go to a dinner where you are going to gather in a house and you have to bring some cooked food, it is best to version a traditional recipe using low fat foods. For example, In this situation we can resort to fish since it is a low-fat food. and it provides us with many nutrients at the same time that we can combine it in many different ways. We can also make a meat recipe, but before using pork or beef we will use turkey chicken, which are leaner meats. Using vegetables as a garnish for these dishes, instead of French fries, can give our dish more color while at the same time making it much healthier.

On the other hand, If you go out to eat at a restaurant, it is best to opt for those dishes that are healthier. To do this, it is best to try to avoid all fried foods, start with a good salad in which the most abundant ingredients are vegetables, and choose a meat or fish dish that does not have a lot of fat.

Finally, another very effective trick to take care of ourselves during Christmas is perform exercise . Going to the gym, running or doing sports in general are activities that no one likes at Christmas, so it is best that leave your car parked in the garage during the holidays and thus be able to walk everywhere. Christmas is characterized by a time when we have to buy gifts and we go out a lot, so if we leave the car at home and walk everywhere we will be doing physical exercise without realizing it.

Finally Taking care of ourselves at Christmas is not at odds with enjoying the holidays. The only thing is to be aware of what we eat and drink in moderation.


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