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Activities that help you relax the most

Relaxing is not that easy, before getting into the matter, Hammond explains that resting is not the same as sleeping. Rest, according to her, is any activity that involves relaxation while awake and can be something that requires some effort such as walk or meditate, or remain sedentary like sitting in a chair and letting your imagination run wild.

What sleep and relaxation are similar in is their benefits, as both are equally important for physical and mental health. Scientific studies say that with proper daily breaks, people make better decisions, They have less risk of depression, have an improvement in memory and greater protection against viruses and flu.

The basis of his book is the study in question in which the participants also made a selection of the most efficient forms of rest. Hammond spent two years establishing scientific evidence to demonstrate why reading, walking and doing nothing are among the top ten activities. However, all those that did not make the cut draw attention: gardening, walking the pet, spending time on social networks or with friends and family. For Hammond, the most relaxing activities are those that people do alone. “It seems that when you rest what you want is to escape from other people.”

We present the activities that most help you relax:

1. Spend time in nature

There is scientific evidence that people find balance when walking among trees or natural landscapes. This promotes relaxation, strengthens self-esteem and generates greater appreciation of the body. However, it is not yet known why this connection is so beneficial for rest . Many believe that proximity to trees makes people release their psychological burdens and even find solutions to their problems there. It is known that walking is already one of the most beneficial activities for mental health, but it seems that it is better in those natural spaces than in a gym or on a street. In fact, evidence indicates that human-made parks and trails are better than wild natural contexts, and that there is more calm when walking in repetitive landscapes, such as a tree trail.

2. Be alone

One of the surprises of the survey was finding that people rest more with themselves than in the company of family and friends. A 1997 study found that young people who spend time alone have positive experiences with loneliness later in life. According to the author, this is because in solitude people clear their minds, focus and think more deeply. But with loneliness you should not exaggerate. It only takes a couple of hours to obtain the benefit.

3. Listen to music

Some studies have revealed that music makes people feel a range of emotions. But the most important thing is its ability to introduce the individual into a greater state of activity. The work showed that hostility, irritability and stress decrease after the music plays and the greatest effect is the increase in the capacity for inspiration.

4. A good walk

Walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that adapts to the person's schedule. It can also be done in many places, including the office. Studies show that when people walk, the body relaxes. and “sends calming signals to the mind that will help reduce tension.” This type of exercise also raises the level of hormones such as endorphins that reduce cortisol and adrenaline, precursors of stress.

5. Do nothing

Although it is one of the ones that most help with rest, it is the one that is least practiced due to the mistaken idea that this is equivalent to wasting time. Many, in fact, when they are not doing anything usually feel aimless. Also, because it is not an activity in itself, but rather a sedentary exercise. However, studies indicate that in these moments of total inactivity the mind gives way to eureka moments. The brain depends on this downtime to charge batteries, process information, and reinforce learning. That is why we must combat the idea that doing nothing is a waste of time.

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