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5 healthy tips for this end of the year

Sleep the necessary hours

Take advantage of these vacation days to rest, sleeping will help you keep hunger and anxiety at bay, and eat only when your body really asks you to eat.

In short, enjoy these dates without falling into excess and Maintaining a healthy weight at Christmas is possible by following a balanced diet throughout the year and practicing a little exercise.

Drink more water and less alcohol

This does not mean that you should give up having a beer, glass of wine, or champagne, which is typical of these dates, however, try to drink enough water during the day to stay well hydrated.

Find balance

To maintain a healthy weight at Christmas we must seek a balance, enjoy Christmas meals, which are undoubtedly more elaborate than usual, but without overdoing it or eating anxiously.

Don't skip breakfast

Even if you had dinner a little more than usual the night before and you feel a little stuffy the next morning, it is a mistake to skip breakfast. We recommend a light breakfast that includes fruits, carbohydrates and dairy products .

This way you will keep your body satiated, because fasting all day just because you ate too much the day before will make you arrive at the next meal hungry and anxious.

Don't neglect your routine

While it is true, it is a time to rest, keeping yourself busy in various activities will help you focus your attention on the present and get away from thoughts that can intensify emotions such as sadness and panic. If your routine included mostly work activities and you are on vacation, you can create your own activity schedule for the entire season. It is recommended that these include physical and/or relaxation exercises.


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