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What can insomnia hide?

Do you not sleep well and have you tried everything to fall asleep? There are times when another pathology such as celiac disease is behind insomnia.
Insomnia is a common sleep disorder . Those who suffer from it have difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep during the night or, although they fall asleep, they do not rest, that is, they do not enjoy a restful sleep. All of this happens even when you have a favorable sleeping environment and enough time to do so.
This disorder can last a few days or a few weeks and may be due to stressful situations or due to changes in the environment or schedules. Insomnia is classified as chronic when it occurs three or more nights a week, lasts more than three months and is not fully explained as a consequence of another health problem.
Some of the consequences derived from insomnia are difficulty concentrating, mood changes, loss of short-term memory , difficulty moving in a coordinated manner and even the inability to recognize objects by touch. The American Randy Gardner confirmed the most extreme consequences of insomnia in an experiment he conducted in 1965 that sought to understand what happened to the human body if he did not sleep. Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours , a total of 11 days in which he had all kinds of experiences, including hallucinations and paranoia. Not in vain, Gardner holds the record for the person who has gone the longest without sleep.

What leads a person to sleep poorly?

There are several reasons that can literally keep us awake. The first is age and that as we get older, it is natural to sleep less and worse. The consumption of certain substances such as caffeine and alcohol can also cause us to sleep poorly. Finally, the presence of certain psychiatric disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety can make the task of sleeping very complicated.

In addition to everything stated so far, what would you think if we told you that your insomnia could be caused by a celiac disease that you haven't been diagnosed yet? If you have been tossing and turning in bed for too long, have tried sleep hygiene techniques and even drugs, we recommend you go to a health specialist to identify the causes.
"Because prevention is better than cure"
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