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What time is recommended to sunbathe and absorb vitamin D?

What time is recommended to sunbathe and absorb vitamin D?
The sun helps us synthesize vitamin D. A study has calculated the minutes we have to be exposed to its radiation, both in summer and winter, to obtain enough vitamin D without taking risks.

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is produced by our bodies when we expose our skin to the sun’s rays. UVB rays play a key role in this process because they reach the cholesterol present in the skin, activating the vitamin D synthesis process. However, for this to happen you have to sunbathe in a certain way and for an appropriate period of time. .

Unlike what is usually recommended to avoid sunburn, the best time to sunbathe if you want to promote the synthesis of vitamin D is around midday. In fact, in a study focused on defining the best time of day to sunbathe in order to increase the levels of this vitamin, it is explained that in the central hours of the day solar radiation is more effective and allows optimal levels of the vitamin to be achieved. d.

Keep in mind that there are other factors that can influence when determining the best time to sunbathe and exposure times. The season of the year, geographical position and skin color also play an important role in defining it.

How long is it advisable to sunbathe?

The general recommendation is 20 minutes of sun to promote the production of vitamin D. Taking 20 minutes as a reference is a good idea, but it must be adapted according to situations and needs, possibly consulting with a health professional.

Remember that using sunscreen and following other protective measures helps avoid the harmful effects of the sun. During sun exposure remember to constantly hydrate, especially on hot days. Drinking water and alternating exposure with sea or pool baths contributes to the health of your skin and prevents heat stroke and dehydration.

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