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What is iridology and what is it for?

What is iridology and what is it for?

What is iridology?

Also called irisology , it is a method used to diagnose possible diseases and conditions in a person through the analysis of their iris. It is considered a fairly accurate alternative diagnostic procedure that contributes to both preventive and curative medicine and can be complemented with scientific or natural treatments.

This method consists of observing the iris and detecting abnormalities in its topography, texture and coloration. This helps determine which organs could be affected or to which diseases the patient may be predisposed.

What is iridology used for?

It has a very ancient origin, since then it has been considered to help understand the physical, emotional and mental condition of people. And although there are no scientific studies that support this method, iriological diagnosis is quite popular today and widely used in alternative medicine, there are even many books published on this therapy.

Diagnosis by iris determines:

  • The pathology that the patient previously had.
  • The current pathology and the way in which the disease can evolve.
  • The causes of diseases before they develop, to prevent them.
  • The physical constitution of the patient.
  • The state of each of the body's systems, its organs and weak points.

How does it work?

The iris is equivalent to fingerprints, no two irises are the same. Its structure is very complex as it has an innumerable number of nerve endings that are connected to all tissues of the body through the brain and nervous system. That is why each part of the iris is related to a different organ and the graphic representation of this relationship is called an iridological map.

Iris Topography:

The most used and practical map is the one that divides the iris into 12 hours or 60 minutes. The iris is divided into 6 concentric circles and, at the same time, into 12 radial sectors.

According to Gilbert Jausas, the radial sectors in the left eye divide clockwise, to the right. While in the right eye it is counterclockwise, to the left. Each sector corresponds to the same organs in both the left and right eyes.

Each of the 12 sectors corresponds to specific organs, and Iridology precisely helps to understand the connection between the iris and the rest of the body:

  • Sector 1: brain, cerebellum and ear.
  • Sector 2: bulb, pituitary, larynx and hypolarynx.
  • Sector 3: esophagus, thyroid, arm and shoulder.
  • Sector 4: sinus, lung, bronchi and ribs.
  • Sector 5: stomach.
  • Sector 6: along with sector 5, the liver, bladder and colon.
  • Sector 7: appendix, kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • Sector 8: uterus or prostate, ovaries or testicles.
  • Sector 9: bladder and pelvis.
  • Sector 10: skin and mucous membranes.
  • Sector 11: blood.
  • Sector 12: lymph and fibroligamentary system.

An iridological map or graph is essential in iridology, as it helps professionals make the diagnosis.

Iris Texture:

Texture is the shape of the fibers that go from the pupil of the eye outward in a radial arrangement; also called iris weave density. The texture or density of the weave indicates the vitality, resistance or deficiency that the person's body has.

6 different textures can be distinguished:

  • Very fine and solid iris
  • fine iris
  • running iris
  • Coarse or loose iris
  • vacuolar iris
  • lacunar iris

What are the Constitutional Typologies?

There are three main constitutional types that are subdivided into other types, as defined by iriology , which help determine probabilities of suffering from diseases. These typologies are:

Depending on the color of the iris:

Some iridologists only recognize two colors of the iris and therefore two constitutions, while others define all three: Lymphatic, blue iris. Hematogenous or sanguine, brown iris. And biliary or mixed, green iris.

According to the structure of the iris stroma:

Neurogenic, lymphatic-neurogenic, conjunctiva, tetanic and glandular or endocrine weakness.

According to the accumulations of toxins in the iris:

Hydrogenoid, ferrochromatic, uric acid, lipemic or cholesterol and rheumatic.

5MP HD Iriscope with 30X Zoom

The iriscope, also called iridoscope, is a digital analysis device whose function is to examine the iris and evaluate if there is any pathological problem that has not yet presented symptoms . The iris is a reflection of our physical state that constantly receives signals from all parts of our body. Thanks to this and the iriscope, different conditions in our body can be detected that can be treated in time. The iriscope is a highly precise tool and very widely used by iridologists, naturopaths and health professionals for the examination of the iridian disc and sclera.

This device contains the CADI CV Advance V3.31 version 100% in Spanish, the most updated, with a new analysis option called Sclera, in which situations with cataracts can be observed and detected according to the structure of the image of the eye, copper toxicity, gluten intolerance, connective tissue breakdown, disharmony of the spleen and heart, venous heart and liver, blue line of the heart, heat bubbles and endocrine insufficiency.

How is the iris analyzed with the iriscope ?

Through this tool, pathological trends, acute or chronic processes, injuries, favorable changes in diseases, among others, that are reflected in the iris can be recognized.

Topographically, the iris is divided into 12 radial sectors (like the face of a clock) and 7 concentric rings. All the important organs of the body are represented in one area of ​​the iris; Thus, while an organ remains stable, its iris area will also appear stable.

5MP Iriscope Benefits:

  • It helps to find different pathologies in the body.
  • Diseases such as endocrine insufficiency, heart and liver problems, diabetes, among others, can be treated.
  • A pathological problem can be anticipated, even if there are no symptoms.
  • It is easy to use and transport.
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