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What is ultrasonic cavitation and how does it work?

What is ultrasonic cavitation and how does it work?
Traditional liposuction requires an invasive procedure to remove fat from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and arms. Ultrasonic cavitation uses low-frequency sound waves that implode on fat cells or adipocytes pouring its fatty acid content into the bloodstream to be eliminated via the lymphatic system , transforming its content into free fatty acids that They are eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system. This process can result in the loss of centimeters in the treated areas.

Cavitation or ultra cavitation is, in simple terms, the use of ultrasound technology to 'break up' fat cells under the skin. This method does not require surgery and is effective in reducing and eliminating cellulite and localized fat almost entirely.

The cavitation process is simple. It is based on applying pressure to fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations. This pressure is so strong that it causes these cells to break and turn into liquid form. In this way, the body gets rid of it through urine.

This is possible because fat cells move in the form of liquid to the liver. Thus, this technique is used in conjunction with other weight loss programs to remove excess fat in a non-invasive way.

However, although the effectiveness of ultra cavitation is scientifically and empirically proven, it is important to highlight that it is not an irreversible procedure and we could return to our previous weight if we do not change our eating habits.

This treatment has grown in popularity in recent years because its alternative, liposuction, is much more expensive and it is an operation, with all the risks that this entails, being much more invasive for our body.

How does ultrasonic cavitation work?

  1. The ultrasonic cavitation process is done by using a cavitation machine . The first thing will be to choose the area that we are going to treat to begin the treatment.
  2. The machine will use ultrasound and during the process it will heat and vibrate the different layers of fat that are under the skin.
  3. The pressure this exerts causes the fat cells to liquefy and release from the skin, reaching the bloodstream to be safely expelled by us.
  4. There are numerous studies that categorically affirm that the body processes these fatty acids without any problem through the lymphatic system.

What results can I expect from ultrasonic cavitation?

The results may vary depending on the person, there are three common results that we will see after a few sessions and that will increase with the succession of sessions.

  1. Smoother skin and cellulite reduction
  2. Loss of centimeters in the area we have treated (due to the release and elimination of fat cells)
  3. A more contoured and healthy appearance

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