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Ozone Generator: what you should know

Ozone Generators: what you should know

Currently, we live in a time that is increasingly attentive and sensitive to issues related to hygiene and environmental protection, whether it is our own home, a business or a work environment where several people share the same spaces.

If cleaning with chemicals that are often dangerous and have unpleasant odors is not enough to make our environment healthy and safe, we can turn to technology and look for an effective and safe system to sanitize effortlessly.

Thanks to ozone generators we can sanitize both domestic and work environments, without health risks; You just have to choose the most suitable and specific one to meet your needs.

What is an ozone generator and what is it for?

Ozone is a molecule present in nature composed of three oxygen atoms, it is a low-density gas present in the stratosphere, it naturally protects the planet from the action of ultraviolet rays. Ozone, used in generators, is a strong oxidizing agent.

The ozone generator is a machine that exploits the powerful power of ozone to sanitize air and water.

It allows the disinfection of the environment, freeing it from viruses, bacteria, molds as well as mites, fleas, ticks, lice, cockroaches and mosquitoes and eliminates bad odors, such as smoke, taking advantage of the oxidizing power of ozone.

Ozone is capable of acting on bad odors because its molecules bind to the substances that emit these odors, oxidizing them and then eliminating them.

In addition, ozone can oxidize different organic compounds, transforming them into carbon dioxide, water or harmless compounds, so it also acts on pesticides that will decompose in their chemical formula, transforming them into non-harmful substances.

Ozone generators are used in very diverse sectors, for example in the tourism sector such as the hotel sector, they are very useful because they guarantee clean, hygienic and odorless environments: beds, carpets, armchairs, upholstery, bedding will always be hygienically treated and renovated for each guest, guaranteeing cleanliness and a healthy environment.

Ozone generators are also used intensively in nursing homes, gyms, analysis laboratory waiting rooms, beauty and wellness centers, laundries, stores, offices, schools, in short in all those environments where many people pass.

They are ideal for cleaning companies that, thanks to them, can provide an additional service to clients by ensuring the sanitization of the environments.

Another use can be to disinfect cars such as taxis, ambulances, food transport trucks, buses and even boats.

How does an ozone generator work?

Ozone, due to its chemical characteristics, is a gas that cannot be transported or stored, so it must be produced immediately within the environment to be cleaned.

The machines are made from especially rust-resistant metals, such as titanium, stainless steel, glass, aluminum, and polytetrafluoroethylene and polyvinylidene fluoride polymers. There are two mechanisms with which it is generated: the corona effect and ultraviolet radiation.

The first is the most common method and allows for greater ozone production. The filters and dryers of the generator clean the oxygen from which ozone will be generated, which will be discharged into the room to be disinfected.

With the ultraviolet radiation system, a smaller amount of ozone is generated, the process is similar to that which creates ozone in the atmosphere and, to produce it, the use of mercury is required. In both cases, viruses and bacteria are destroyed.

How to choose the best ozone generator?

When we choose an ozone generator, we must evaluate the environment in which it will be used: whether it is for home or professional use. In this Hogartop comparison you can find information that will help you choose the best one for your case.

Types and uses.

We can divide ozone generators into three types:

  • Home ozone generator.
  • Professional ozone generator.
  • Industrial ozone generator.

Each typology has different characteristics that we are going to talk about.

Industrial ozone generator.

The industrial ozone generator is designed for very large spaces, within which food or medicine can also be stored; think about the hotel, restaurant or healthcare sector. They are also used for industrial water sanitation or to purify swimming pool water.

Professional ozone generator.

Professional ozone generators can be used in commercial establishments such as stores and offices, where a more limited number of people pass through. They are also recommended for sterilizing and sanitizing the interior of cars and vehicles in general.

Home ozone generator.

The home ozone generator has a more compact and reduced size and is used to ozonate both water and air and is generally multifunctional. It is used to sanitize fruits, vegetables, foods in general or household objects for safer use.

Its power is lower compared to industrial and professional generators.

Capacity and power.

As we have already seen, there are many uses for ozone generators. It is precisely its use that will mark our choice.

Large environments will require more energy and capacity to deliver ozone than small or even domestic environments.

Therefore, the choice will be linked to the use made of the generator.


It is a component that we generally find in all ozone generators, without excluding domestic ones.

For correct and safer use, it is advisable to purchase a product equipped with a timer that allows us to activate or deactivate the device and control the time of use.

Extra features and functionality.

For those who have special needs or prefer more immediate and simple use of generators, there are models on the market designed to facilitate transportation, with a multifunction digital timer instead of analog.

Many devices have the feature of ozonizing both air and water using the same machine.

In some there is the possibility of continuous use thanks to the always-on function and some models are equipped with a remote control for remote control.

Size and maintenance.

Ozone generators tend to be quite small in size for both home and professional use. Industrialists adapt their size to the area they must cover.

Since they are not equipped with filters, the generators do not need any particular maintenance.

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