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Does CBD effectively protect against oxidative stress? 🍁

Does CBD effectively protect against oxidative stress?
Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is one of the majority constituents in cannabis plants, hence the name Cannabinoid. Since the 1960s when its structure was determined until today, this non-psychotropic molecule has been studied and analyzed for its immense therapeutic potential, mainly as an anxiolytic, antipsychotic and lately as a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective agent.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is defined as follows:

“Disturbance in the balance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) or also called free radicals and antioxidant defenses.”

Throughout our daily lives, we are exposed to different external stimuli, tobacco smoke, solar radiation or environmental pollution, and as we know today, even a poor diet can have negative effects on our health. When combined, all these stimuli are capable of producing cellular damage at the DNA level through the appearance of free radicals.

How Do Free Radicals Cause Damage?

Free radicals have a configuration in which not all of their electrons are found within their structure. Since these electrons are not present, they are forced to “steal” them from the environment, in other words, from a nearby healthy cell.

As a consequence of this, the healthy cell loses an electron and its structure is damaged to the point of compromising its stability. The more free radicals present around healthy cells, the more damage will be caused to them, thus leading to their death.

Oxidative stress has been related to skin diseases, the aging process itself, and even very serious conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and damage to the nervous system.

How to Counteract the Effects of Free Radicals?

A balanced diet is full of elements called antioxidants, which are capable of donating missing electrons to free radicals instead of healthy cells. As well as an active lifestyle, plenty of rest and relaxation can help counteract the harmful effects of free radicals.

CBD and its benefits

Cannabidiol as an Antioxidant

CBD has been shown to be, in invitro studies, an antioxidant agent at submicromolar levels even more potent than alpha-tocopherol or Vitamin C.

Interestingly, the antioxidant effects of Cannabidiol were studied in a “drunkenness” model; in other words, CBD was studied after a high dosage of ethanol capable of producing brain damage, finding considerable protective effects.

Above this, it is important to mention that the high tolerability and the great advantage of not showing any psychotropic side effects, make CBD a very feasible option to be integrated into each person's diet, thus contributing as a powerful antioxidant. natural.

The usefulness of CBD is also constantly being investigated within models of chronic inflammation capable of producing damage at the tissue level, related to the damage caused by free radicals. However, all the mechanisms involved in these processes make the specific elucidation of not only cannabinoids, but other substances, whether natural or synthetic, and their specific mechanisms of action very complex.

Diet Rich in Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids can be found in plants of the cannabis genus, but one strain in particular provides the desired cannabinoid in greater proportion: industrial hemp.

Among the different options for integrating cannabinoids into our diets are CBD oils, produced from said strain, and incapable of producing psychotropic effects.

Another slightly less conventional option is to use the same hemp leaves to produce juices. Although this option could give very variable results since the exact CBD concentration in each juice intake cannot be guaranteed.

Conclusions on the Use of Cannabidiol Against Oxidative Stress.

The use of Cannabidiol as a method to counteract the effects of oxidative stress appears to be a reasonable therapeutic approach.

The complexity of the role of oxidative stress in pathological processes shows a large number of challenges to overcome.

A feasible option for the integration of cannabinoids as antioxidants is the intake of CBD oils, rich in this cannabinoid, and of a specific concentration in each intake.

Among the greatest contributors to reducing the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress, experts and researchers suggest 3 levels of action:

  • Reduce exposure to environmental contaminants
  • Increase endogenous and exogenous levels of antioxidants
  • Decreasing the generation of oxidative stress by stabilizing mitochondrial energy production.
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