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Cellulite: how it is generated and how to combat it

What is cellulite

Cellulite, better known as orange peel skin, is one of women's biggest fears, it occurs when underlying fat deposits begin to be pushed through the connective tissue fibers under the skin. Connective tissue can become weak due to hormones, lack of exercise, excess fat, and poor blood circulation.

The skin loses its elasticity and firmness and has the characteristic raised appearance of orange peel.

Cellulite can appear in:

  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • calves
  • Abdomen

Many women consider cellulite to be one of the most common aesthetic problems they face today. However, it does not only occur in women, cellulite is visible in a small percentage of men.

Causes of cellulite

Cellulite is a multifactorial aesthetic problem. Diet has been blamed for being the main trigger of cellulite, so it is recommended that you avoid foods that contain sugar, saturated fats, carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks and too much salt.

But physical exercise is also important, since a lack of it can trigger the formation of the famous orange peel skin. As well as excess weight or obesity.

Additionally, heredity plays an important role, since combined with other factors it can lead to cellulite. In fact, hormonal factors can also affect your skin, such as during pregnancy or menopause. Cellulite is usually the result of a combination of factors.

It is also important to take into account that different types of cellulite can be generated, for example, infectious cellulitis, which is caused by a bacterial infection that affects the upper layers of the skin, irritating and inflaming them.

Stages of cellulite development:

Stage 1: The skin is smooth. However, when you press with your hands, puddles form.

Stage 2: When you are lying down, the skin is smooth, but when you are standing up the cellulite is visible.

Stage 3: Whether standing or lying down, cellulite is visible.

Cellulite: treatment

Cellulite can be prevented or even improved if it is found in an early stage naturally. However, if the aesthetic effect persists and bothers you, you can eliminate it with medical treatment methods.

You must select the method based on the stage of the problem and the area in which you have detected it. Therefore, the treatment must be chosen based on each case.

The most modern methods to treat cellulite are the following:

Cavitation: Currently most used and safe method in which fat is liquefied and eliminated through the lymphatic system.


  • It has a deeper and immediately visible effect
  • Simultaneous fat dissolution and firming


  • Mild irritation and swelling, but subsides quickly

Treatment duration: Each treatment lasts about 30 - 45 minutes. The total number of sessions necessary will depend on the magnitude of the problem and the point of application. In general, between 8 to 12 repetitions are needed.

Carboxytherapy: Method in which carbon dioxide is administered subcutaneously to improve blood circulation in the affected area. Better perspiration in the area will cause the formation of new blood cells and, therefore, a better appearance of the skin. Carbon dioxide also breaks down fat cells, which are responsible for creating cellulite.


  • Proven treatment
  • Improves the objective thanks to the injection procedure


  • It's a little painful
  • May leave some bruising that fades quickly

Duration of treatment: The treatment lasts up to 30 minutes and requires repeated treatments (4 to 12) depending on the affected area and the extent of the problem. The effect lasts about 6 months, however, it depends on your discipline as a patient, since you need to follow a certain lifestyle to maintain the effect of the cellulite treatment.

Rhythmic aspiration radiofrequencies: Method in which heat waves are transferred to tissues using radiofrequencies, resulting in the production of collagen. The drainage method includes a computer-controlled lymphatic massage. The goal of this method is to tighten the skin and improve cellulite.


  • It is a treatment very well tolerated by patients
  • directed action
  • Parallel tension


  • Between 8 and 10 sessions are needed for the result to be visible.

Duration of treatment: The method usually requires 8 to 10 sessions; However, it depends on the size of the problem and the area of ​​application.


Lymphatic drainage: The technique that refers to performing massages to improve lymphatic and blood circulation, which are the factors that aggravate cellulite.


  • It is a cost-effective treatment


  • In the initial sessions it is painful
  • Between 10 and 20 sessions are needed

How to deal with cellulite at home

You can eliminate cellulite or prevent it to a large extent, if it is in an early phase, naturally. For example, following a balanced Mediterranean diet, avoiding tobacco and alcohol are some of the keys to reducing the problem, along with reducing the amount of sugar, soft drinks and saturated fats consumed.

Physical exercise also improves blood circulation and, therefore, the problem of cellulite.

Another way to prevent and treat cellulite is water. Consuming plenty of water helps hydrate your body and stimulate your blood circulation. Additionally, plenty of water and consumption of green tea improve skin texture.

Massages help stimulate blood circulation. You can massage the affected area with special anti-cellulite creams or with coffee beans, which is a natural exfoliant that helps the area perspire. It is just as effective if you rub the cellulite area daily with a damp sponge. This has the potential to improve blood circulation in the area, while removing dead cells.

It is important to note that cellulite is not easy to treat with topical product applications. It is a problem that is not superficial, so it must be treated by a specialized doctor if you really want to have a visible and lasting result.

Tips to avoid cellulite

Cellulite is the best example that shows that body image is affected by diet and lifestyle. With little tips you can make it disappear, or if it has not yet appeared, it may still not be visible.

Regular checks

Cellulite can be the result of a disorder of the lymphatic and vascular systems. That is why it is important that in your preventive examination you include biochemical tests, but also a visit to an angiologist, to check that everything is going well.

Your diet is A and Z

And in fact in everything that concerns your health! It is a fact, as has been scientifically proven, that an adequate diet ensures the balance of your body weight and the energy it needs each day to perform its functions. The Mediterranean diet is what will help you maintain a healthy body, without fat and without cellulite. Eat fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts daily and remember to drink plenty of water.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

If you have already developed cellulite, opt for aerobic exercise, which offers even more immediate results. Exercise helps burn fat. It will work even if you do intense exercise for 30 minutes a day. Emphasize exercises that stimulate blood circulation in the legs.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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