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Sugar: tips with which we can begin to reduce its consumption

Are sugars necessary?

Yes, this component is part of the carbohydrate family. These are essential micronutrients for the body, along with proteins and fats.


  • It gives your body the energy necessary to maintain its physical and mental functions. It does this because it provides energy to organs such as the brain and muscles.
  • Your body transforms the sugars you consume into glucose. This is the compound that is recognized and used by cells.
  • Sugar that is not used immediately can be stored in the liver or muscles. There it is reserved as a compound that provides quick energy when your body requires it.

When does sugar become a problem?

When a high sugar content is generated due to the content of unhealthy diets. The World Health Organization reports around 442 million adults in the world with diabetes.

Several factors can turn sugar consumption into a health problem:

  • Most processed foods contain sugar , in the form of “invisible sugars”. Since they are not taken into account, they increase the amount of glucose in the organism.
  • The industrialization of society causes us to consume processed foods instead of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Advertising especially affects children, who prefer sweet, processed foods and sugary drinks.
  • You consume more than you spend. Modern life has led us to be more sedentary. Therefore, we eat more than our body will use and we gain weight.
  • Weight gain can lead to insulin resistance. This hormone acts as the passport of glucose to the tissues, allowing its entry into the cells.
  • Glucose that is not used can damage important organs. These include the heart, blood vessels, kidney, nerves and retina in the eye.

What can you do to reduce sugar?

Our diet contains a large amount of processed foods. However, you can gradually start to reduce your consumption.

  • Remember that all the foods you consume provide you sugar , in different presentations (dairy, vegetables, legumes, etc.).
  • When it is contributed sugar in different ways than sugar processed, the body uses energy to convert it into glucose. It is for this reason that less is accumulated.
  • Have your coffee today with half the sugar white that you usually use.
  • Use natural sweeteners when preparing your food. Smaller quantities are required and they sweeten up to 30 times more than the sugar indicted.
  • Honey can be a good alternative to replace sucrose.
  • Walk. Any form of physical activity is useful to regulate the balance between what you consume and what you spend.


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