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What is activated charcoal and what is it for?

What is activated charcoal and what is it for?

What is activated carbon?

Activated charcoal is not the same substance as that found in charcoal lumps or burnt pieces of food.

Activated carbon is a porous element that traps compounds, first of all, organic, present in a gas or a liquid. It does so with such effectiveness that it is the purifying agent most used by humans.

On the other hand, organic compounds are derived from the metabolism of living beings, and their basic structure consists of chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Among them are all derivatives of the plant and animal world, including oil and the compounds obtained from it.

Activated carbon is obtained by “burning” some materials such as bamboo, walnuts, olive pits and coconut shells; The latter is the one most used as raw material.

There are two types of processes to obtain this material: chemical or physical activation by vapor. Depending on the method, it will have different applications, these can be for human consumption or in industrial processes.

What is activated charcoal used for?

More and more people are using activated charcoal, as it provides great properties and benefits for the body. For example, it is widely used to treat digestive problems due to its ability to absorb a certain amount of toxins, poisons, gases and other types of substances and compounds that the body does not need and that can even be harmful.

Activated charcoal has a large number of benefits for your body and, to take advantage of them, these are some of the most common uses of activated charcoal :

Detoxify your body: you can use it as first aid in case you ingest any type of substance that is toxic or harmful to your body. In addition, it is recommended to remove waste that may remain in the liver, colon and kidneys.

Stomach and intestinal problems: Due to its ability to absorb toxins and gases, it is a very useful option when treating diarrhea and abdominal inflammation. In addition, it promotes intestinal movements to combat constipation.

Help your dental health: Thanks to the micropores it has, it is capable of removing tartar and other debris from the teeth. It also prevents bad breath.

Helps reduce cholesterol: Consuming activated charcoal can help you regulate cholesterol, since thanks to the components that make it up, it reduces the risk of obstruction because they prevent the formation of plaque on your arterial walls.

Soothes insect bites: Due to its anti-inflammatory and calming effect, it can prevent allergic reactions and relieve itching.

Fight the hangover: Eating activated charcoal after drinking alcohol can improve metabolism by eliminating toxins and relieving stomach and headache pain.

Fight bacteria and viruses: Thanks to its detoxification capacity, it can prevent the appearance of any infection. It also strengthens the immune system, thus improving the presence of antibodies, as it removes waste materials.

Prevents premature aging: As it reduces the presence of toxins and other harmful compounds found in the blood, it can prevent premature cellular aging. Likewise, applied externally as a mask, this natural product also cleanses the skin of toxins and stops premature aging.

Deodorant: Charcoal can absorb harmful odors and gases, making it ideal as a deodorizer for armpits, shoes, and refrigerators.

It is also reported that activated carbon can absorb excess moisture and control humidity levels at a micro level.

How to take activated charcoal?

There are many ways to take activated charcoal, they come in various presentations such as capsules or pills, powder, cosmetic products, etc. The best option to take it, and also to apply it externally, is to mix one or two tablespoons of charcoal powder with water. Depending on the use you are going to give it, you can apply or take the active charcoal in one way or another.

  • In case of a sore throat you can gargle. To do this, dilute a little of this black powder in a large glass of water.
  • For optimal dental health you can rinse your mouth or use activated charcoal toothpaste.
  • It is prepared as a paste (mixing this powdered ingredient with a little water) for topical use, for example on insect bites or for masks. Ingredients can be added to this preparation for external use according to the skin's needs.
  • For internal use against body problems, especially digestive and metabolic problems. In this case, it can be taken into account pills or capsules Or, you can include its powder in a variety of dishes and drinks.

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