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For scars, onion.

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A topical (applied locally) onion-based gel could be the key to improving the appearance of scars. Be sure to read this interesting note about this vegetable that, in addition to being delicious, has healing properties for the skin.

When you cut it, the onion makes you cry. But when it comes to relieving wounds, onion can be your best ally. This vegetable, in addition to being delicious, has healing properties that improve the appearance of skin scars.

A topical gel (applied locally to the skin) made from onion called Mederma Advanced Gel and manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Merz, causes scars to fade by up to 36% when applied once a day for 8 weeks.

The gel was tested on 44 adults each of whom had undergone surgery to remove 2 seborrheic keratoses (a raised growth on the skin) of similar size. After two weeks, when the wounds had healed, they were asked to apply the topical onion-based gel to only one of the scars.

The appearance of the scars was evaluated after 2, 4 and 8 weeks of using the gel once a day. To rate the improvement of the scars, a scale from 0 to 3 was created that took into account the general appearance and other more precise aspects such as the texture, softness and redness of the scar. The scar improvement score was 2.6 compared to 2.1 for scars that received no treatment. Patients also rated their own improvement, giving an average score of 2.0 to scars treated with the topical onion-based gel and 1.5 to those that were not treated.

Although the perception of the researchers and that of the patients themselves was different, and the number of patients treated is small, in both cases there was an improvement in the scar that was treated with the onion-based gel, something that highlights Dr. Zoe D. Draelos, the dermatologist and researcher in charge of this test in High Point, North Carolina in the United States.

This topical gel with onion extract known as Cepalin will go on sale in the United States without a prescription next spring. It is available in tubes of 20 grams ($20) and 50 grams ($32) according to information provided by Merz.

If you do not live in the United States, you can consult with your dermatologist about this product or others, whether onion-based or an alternative, so that they can inform you about what is available in your country. Both there and here there are other options.

Who would have thought that onion is an ally of health and beauty?

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