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Ozonizer the best for a healthy environment at home or office

Ozonizer the best for a healthy environment at home or office

What is ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, two of which form the basic oxygen molecule, which is essential for life. The third atom can detach from the molecule and rejoin the molecules of other substances, thus altering its chemical composition. This particularity of reacting with other substances is precisely what is used to describe this substance with terms such as "pure air" or "energized oxygen"; However, ozone is a gas with very different properties than oxygen.

Large bulky units are no longer required to do the job that the 5000 mg/h Ozone Generator / Air Purifier for domestic and industrial use does, it can now disinfect and sanitize more than 1000 m2 in a couple of hours.

Ozone Disinfector Working Principle:

It has an ozone generator to produce high pressure according to the electrical principle. The air will be broken after the high pressure reaches a certain degree causing the molecules in the air to ionize. Finally, ozone molecules are formed by the combination of three oxygen atoms that are produced by ionized oxygen molecules. Ozone molecules can quickly kill germs, viruses, pathogens and microorganisms that cause disease in humans and animals. It can quickly decompose the odor of bacteria, germs and formaldehyde which makes the air fresh and clean.

Main benefits

Maintains a healthy environment.

  • When pollutants spread into the air, people get sick or develop allergies. Cleaning your living space regularly is necessary to protect yourself and your family. The ozone generator combats: anxiety, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, stress, fever, headaches, allergic reactions, sneezing, dry cough, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma, among others. It is scientifically proven that ozone eliminates 100% of fungi and 99% of bacteria contained in the air and on surfaces, including the influenza virus, SARS, Hepatitis A, rotavirus and COVID-19.

Eliminates strong odors

  • Ozone is very effective for odor problems. Many customer reviews show that it can remove bad odors from used cars, boats, old apartments or houses, pets, smoking, organic waste, etc.

Eliminates mold

  • Mold grows easily in warm, humid circumstances. Not only is it ruining your house and furniture, but it is also very harmful to your health. Ozone helps eliminate and slow the growth of mold and mildew, reduces allergens.

Absorbs the smell of "new house"

  • Harmful gases such as formaldehyde are released from new paints, furniture and decorating materials. Before you move, don't forget to leave them outside your home. The 5000 mg/h Ozone Generator performs a wide variety of cleaning, disinfection, deodorization, renovation tasks and neutralizes all types of odors in the kitchen, bathroom and basement.

Eliminates volatile molecules that produce bad odors.

  • Produces O3 (ozone), which is a natural substance and very effective in breaking down odor-causing pollutants. The timer allows you to control the duration of the purification time. Ozone production is 5,000 mg/hr

Main odors that it eliminates

  • Pet odors
  • Pollen
  • Kitchen odors
  • Paint odors
  • Helps eliminate mold and mildew growth

Can be used in:

-Commercial buildings





-Car washes



-Hospitals and Residences






-Meeting rooms

-Pharmaceutical industry


-Attics and basements


-Public toilets

-Medical offices

-Day care centers

-Stables and Aviaries

-Dressing rooms

-Water or Fire Damaged Areas

-New paint and wallpaper areas

-Veterinary Offices

-Smoking Areas


You can purchase your air ozonizer by clicking on the following link:

5000 mg/h ozonizer

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