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Habits that steal your energy

There are habits that drain us emotionally, mentally and physically. There are times we realize its effects, but other times we don't. Knowing them is essential to avoid them.

Energy is an important resource that we all have to know how to regulate and protect to perform at our best in our daily lives. However, there are some habits that drain us emotionally, mentally and physically. Sometimes we realize its effects, but other times we fail to notice it.

We mention some habits that steal our energy. Surely we have all adopted some of them throughout our lives, but you should know that all of them have negative effects. Below, we'll explain why and tell you how you can avoid them.

Remember that if you have detected that you lack energy or feel overwhelmed during your day, it is important to go to a specialist in psychological therapy .

1. Constantly check your social networks

According to the Study on the Habits of Internet Users in Mexico in 2018, a Mexican spends an average of 8 hours and 12 minutes and 89% of the times we connect is to check our social networks.

Checking our social networks so constantly is a problem because they distract us from what we are doing, forcing us to pick up the thread of what we were doing before that notification arrived on your cell phone . This expenditure of energy may not seem significant, but if you do it 20 times in your day, you are spending more energy re-focusing than you need.

2. Have an inadequate diet

If your plate of food is missing vegetables, you are causing your digestive system to spend too much energy synthesizing the fats and sugars you ate.

A study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition estimates that the 70% of mortality It is attributable to non-communicable diseases, that is, those that are related to lifestyle, that includes diet .

The twelve food groups that the researchers related to the risk of mortality were whole grains, refined grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, eggs, dairy products, fish, red meat, meat processed and sugary drinks. On the other hand, "foods that reduce risk" highlight whole grains (such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta), vegetables, fruits, nuts or legumes, and are related to a decrease in the risk of mortality of a person. 56%, so include them in your daily diet .

3. Not sleeping well

Sleeping between 6 and 8 hours a day will make you feel revitalized and full of energy, less than this can make you feel tired, without energy and distracted, so you will not be performing physically or mentally as well as you should.

Paradoxically , sleeping 9 hours or more will not make you feel more energetic , but will make you lethargic during your day and can cause depression, diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

4. Not taking care of your health

Seems obvious, doesn't it? However, our health is something that we tend to put aside in the face of day-to-day obligations.

Sometimes we don't notice that stress and other situations we end up in (whether due to our own habits or any other reason) affect us emotionally and physically, so there must be a constant priority on our well-being.

Spend some time in your daily life to meditate, breathe, exercise, listen to your body and eliminate excess toxins. Help yourself additionally with a good diet and natural drinks, organic and fresh foods.

5. Consuming time on things that do not enrich you

We can all afford to spend a little time on something that, in the long term, is irrelevant, but we must think on a larger scale and consider how much of what we do has a positive contribution to our lives or the lives of our loved ones. Eliminate, as far as possible, those tasks that do not contribute anything to your life and dedicate your time to doing those that you truly enjoy.

Many times, we waste time on trifles that steal energy and we abandon what is truly important: doing what we like.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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