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Kidney and Gallbladder Purifier

Auxiliary in the prevention of kidney and gallbladder diseases mainly, as well as the bladder and liver. Purifier at the digestive, kidney, bile and liver levels.

Veride Benefits:

  • Cleanses, reduces inflammation, purifies and improves the functioning of vital organs such as the kidneys and gallbladder.
  • It helps the elimination and expulsion of grit, bile sludge, crystals, stones or kidney and gallstones.
  • Helps fight kidney infections
  • Cleans bile and urinary ducts
  • Cleans and reduces inflammation of the bladder
  • Auxiliary in suffering from cystitis or bad urine
  • Avoid liquid retention
  • Auxiliary in suffering from edema or swelling of the ankles, feet or legs.

Veride Ingredients:

Instructions for use: Take 2 caps diluted in water or hot tea, 30 minutes before breakfast, that is, on an empty stomach.

Content: 240 ml.

Additional Information: Veride is a plant-based syrup used as a high-quality herbal remedy due to the purity of its natural ingredients and its rapid assimilation, acting effectively on kidney and gallbladder problems. The kidneys are an important part of our body and the health of the body, they constitute one of the most powerful organic defenses, therefore this herbal remedy is useful for people who do not yet suffer from these conditions, because prevention is better than cure.

Veride used as alternative medicine is an aid in the prevention of kidney, gallbladder and liver diseases, as it is a purifier at the digestive, renal, bile and liver levels, thus maintaining the proper functioning of these organs.

The natural product Veride is used to expel kidney and gallbladder stones. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, cleaning the adhesions accumulated over the years in the digestive tracts, thus achieving total digestive purification.