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Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Point Detection Pen

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Relieves pain, improves the immune system and promotes blood circulation

The Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Point Detection Pen represents a remarkable fusion between the ancient practice of acupuncture and modern bioelectricity technology. This latest generation intelligent device has been carefully designed to automatically discover acupuncture points and meridians, thus allowing precise stimuli to be applied that help relieve various ailments present in the body.

Its innovative design has been conceived with comfort and versatility in mind, offering the possibility of using it at home, in the office or even during your travels. Furthermore, its ease of use ensures that it can be applied safely and effectively without causing any damage to the skin.

Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Point Detection Pen

Acupuncture, an ancient therapy in constant evolution, seeks to stimulate specific points on the body with the aim of balancing vital energy. Through the identification of these points, it is possible to detect different ailments and disorders that may be affecting the body.

Meridians, invisible energy channels that run through the body, play a fundamental role in acupuncture. They are divided into twelve pairs, each of them closely related to a specific organ in the body, and are responsible for transporting vital energy and maintaining balance in the body.

    The Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Point Detection Pen is presented as a valuable therapeutic resource, since it not only promotes blood circulation, but also focuses on the relief of localized pain in the body. Its nine intensity modes allow the treatment to be adapted to the individual needs of each person, providing a calming and relieving effect on various specific body areas. It is an effective and safe tool, without undesirable side effects, which contributes to improving the quality of life of those who use it.

    Benefits of the Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Point Detection Pen:

    • Detection and activation of meridian points.
    • Smart search for acupuncture points.
    • Promotes blood circulation.
    • Detect the pain relief point.
    • It is used to provide body massage.
    • Improves the immune system.

    Technical Characteristics of the Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Point Detection Pen:

    • New LCD screen for better reading.
    • Portable and easy to use design.
    • Safe and effective therapy, without side effects.
    • Rechargeable lithium battery.
    • 9 levels of intensity adjustment.
    • 3 different pulse wave types.
    • Audio and numerical prompts when searching for acupuncture points.
    • Acupuncture mode and intensity can be selected according to different parts of the body.
    • Applicable to wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, neck, waist and other parts of the body.
    Electronic Acupuncture Pen, Meridian Point Massage

    Technical Specifications of the Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Point Detection Pen:

    • Weight: 100g
    • Dimensions: 23.5 x 3.99 x 3 cm
    • Power: 3.7V
    • Intensity Levels: 1-9
    • Waveform modes: 3
    • Pulse modes: Continuous and intermittent
    • LCD screen shows frequency and sensitivity indicator
    • Material: Plastic/metal


    • 1 x Electronic Acupuncture Pen
    • 1 x Conductive Bar
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 2 x Acupuncture Heads
    • 1 x Original User Manual


    1. Do not use if the skin is damaged, irritated or scarred.
    2. Do not use on pregnant women or women during their menstrual period.
    3. It cannot be used simultaneously with medical electronic devices such as body-implanted electronic devices, artificial heart and lung.

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