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5 in 1 Water and Air Ozonizer

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5 in 1 Water and Air Ozonizer

Purifies, disinfects and sterilizes

Nowadays, food contamination and environmental pollution are serious. Are you worried that pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables cannot be washed? Are you worried that the meat hormone will harm your children's health? Are you worried about being poisoned by formaldehyde and toluene in your home? Then you need the 5 in 1 Water and Air Purifier and Ozonizer.

The 5-in-1 Water and Air Ozonifier is a modern, quality product with cutting-edge technology. It offers complete purification of air and water, guaranteeing better quality and health for you and yours. By combining purification with ozone generations, this system is one of the best for your home.

Ozone eliminates coronavirus

It helps purify water by eliminating all types of bacteria and toxic waste. In fact, drinking ozonated water has multiple health benefits, among them it has a benefit on the gastric mucosa that is favorable in the treatment of gastritis, in addition to increasing immunity between 20-25% for many types of diseases. Drinking ozonated water can help resolve pathologies such as helicobacter pylori, thus avoiding the use of antibiotics. All you need to do is apply 5 minutes of ozone to your glass of water!

5 In 1 Ozonifier Water and Air Ozone Generator Purifier

The 5-in-1 Water and Air Purifier and Ozonizer performs a wide variety of cleaning, disinfection, deodorization and renewal tasks. It is very effective for disinfecting skin lesions (ulcers and fissures). Use the portable ozone generator to purify drinking water, prolong the life of fruits and vegetables, disinfect kitchen utensils, disinfect baby bottles, neutralize all types of odors in the kitchen, bathroom and basement. The ozone generator combats: anxiety, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, stress, fever, headaches, allergic reactions, sneezing, dry cough, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma, among others. Eliminates 100% of fungi and 99% of bacteria including influenza virus, SARS, Hepatitis A, rotavirus and COVID-19.

Everyone will benefit from its results. These are some of the many uses of the ozonator:
-Removes chlorine and pathogens from water.
-Eliminates bad odors from the house, refrigerator, car.
-Eliminates the smell of tobacco.
-Purifies the environment, which eliminates allergic reactions in sensitive people.
-Replaces mouthwashes and liquids to clean dentures.
-Treatment against gingivitis and periodontal diseases.
-Ends bad breath and foot odor, both caused by bacteria.
-Avoid the use of antibiotics after a tooth extraction, root canal or any other dental operation with open wounds susceptible to infection.
-Relieves arthritis pain, bruises and other muscle pain.
-Helps in the elimination of mercury from the body, a powerful neurotoxin found mainly in metal dental fillings and vaccines.
-Disinfects cloths, scouring pads, toothbrushes, bottles, etc.

5 Functions to satisfy your needs in 1 device:

1. Preserves freshness
Time: (5 minutes)
Preserves and preserves the freshness of foods in general, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and seafood. Ozone can eliminate fishy odor and extend the refrigerator storage life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Eliminates pesticides and bacteria
Time: (8 minutes)
Eliminates pesticides and fertilizer residues on fruits and vegetables. Washing fruits and vegetables with ozone water can remove and degrade pesticides on fruits and vegetables, as well as toxic residues such as chemical fertilizers. Kills bacteria and viruses on the surface of fruits and vegetables, extending their freshness, without changing the flavor. Applicable to a wide variety of raw fruits and vegetables.

3. Sterilization with O3
Time: (10 minutes)
Kills bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables, dissolves and eliminates pesticides and agrochemicals on their surface. Kills bacteria on the surface of dishes. It dissolves organic impurities and whitens the water by increasing its oxygen level. Disinfects bottles and toys, etc. Bathing with ozonated water prevents wounds from becoming infected. Kills bacteria in the oral cavity and helps cure some oral cavity diseases such as faucitis and stomatitis

4. Eliminates bad smell
Time: (15 minutes)
Eliminate kitchen odor from food preparation and cooking, as well as frying, fish smell, garlic, smoke in the air, etc. Eliminates the smell of new furniture or decorations in the room or any part of the house. Breaks down formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gases from new furniture, paint and carpets in the bedroom. It eliminates the peculiar smell of the toilet as well as contributes to the elimination of toxins.

5. Eliminates toxins
Time: (20 minutes)
Wash an apron and/or kitchen cloth with ozone water to eliminate odors and sterilize them. Decontaminates and helps whiten clothes, reducing the use of water when washing them.

Main features:
- Premium material:
Made of high quality ABS material, without chemical substances, using the humidifier will not add any harmful substances to the air, but rather environmental.

-Multipurpose design:
It can also be used for skin protection and beauty, hand and foot cleaning, baby products, and toy sterilization.

- Time function:
You have 5 options (5/10/15/30/60 minutes) so you can configure the sterilization time you want. You can choose the usage time according to your needs which makes it very convenient.

- Easy to operate:
Simply plug it in, turn it on, choose the function you want by pressing its function buttons and finally let the 5-in-1 Air and Water Purifier and Ozonizer do the rest.

- Low working noise:
Optimized noise reduction technology, the working noise is much lower than other similar products on the market, you will almost not notice it.

- Different locations:
You can place it directly in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, closet, shoe rack, etc. Of course, you can hang it on the wall thanks to the 2 holes on the back so it won't take up much space if you wish.

Ozone Disinfector Working Principle:
It has an ozone generator to produce high pressure according to the electrical principle. The air will be broken after the high pressure reaches a certain degree causing the molecules in the air to ionize. Finally, ozone molecules are formed by the combination of three oxygen atoms that are produced by ionized oxygen molecules. Ozone molecules can quickly kill germs, viruses, pathogens and microorganisms that cause disease in humans and animals. It can quickly decompose the odor of bacteria, germs and formaldehyde which makes the air fresh and clean.

Technical characteristics:
- Dimensions: 26.7 cm x 19 cm x 7.6 cm
- Weight: 1.3kg
- Multipurpose (for air/water).
- Voltage: AC110V/60Hz
- Power consumption: 13W
- Ozone density: 800 mg/h.
- Material: ABS
- Compact design.
- Touch LCD display

1 x Ozone Generator
1 x Charger
2 x Hoses
2 x Diffuser stones
1 x Instruction book in Spanish

IMPORTANT: Ozone in high concentrations can be toxic, avoid staying in small closed spaces for prolonged periods. If you require long sessions, leave the room and leave the equipment running.


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