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Pulse oximeter

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Pulse oximeter

The pulse oximeter , also known as pulse oximeter, is a portable device that adopts advanced technology, it mainly measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) indirectly without the need to obtain a blood sample, through the finger, which provides advanced, non-invasive and scientific means for the quantitative measurement of oxygen saturation.

The pulse oximeter can be used individually by anyone since its operation is very simple.

What is the oximeter for?

The oximeter helps detect abnormal decrease in oxygen in the blood or better known as hypoxemia. This symptom is an indicator to detect conditions related to breathing or circulation and can cause symptoms such as difficulty breathing.

This indicator can be determined in the pulse oximeter by obtaining an oxygen saturation of less than 90%.

How to interpret the results of an oximeter?

  • The device is placed on the finger, since it is one of the parts of the body where there is more microcirculation. In this way, when polarized light passes through the finger You can measure the red blood cells that circulate through the body and interpret how much hemoglobin is circulating through it and thus calculate the oxygen saturation in the person's blood.
  • Then look at the screen. It should show you two numbers: one labeled “PR” and one labeled “SpO2.” The first label, “PR,” represents the pulse rate and tells you how many times your heart beats per minute. And the second label, “SpO2”, is an abbreviation that means oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry.
  • Normal readings on an oximeter should typically range between 95 and 100 percent. Values ​​below 90 percent are considered low (hypoxemia) and indicate the need for supplemental oxygen. Its symptoms include severe shortness of breath, increased heart rate and chest pain.
  • Most people need a minimum oxygen saturation level of 89% for their cells to stay healthy. Having lower levels of oxygen saturation in the blood for a short period of time is considered harmless. However, if this happens frequently, it can damage or cause excessive strain on the body's cells.

Normal blood oxygen levels:

Ideally, blood oxygen levels should be between 95% and 98%.


    • Screen type: OLED SpO2.
    • Low power consumption, works continuously for more than six hours.
    • Battery indicator.
    • The device will automatically turn off in 8 seconds if there is no finger signal.
    • Modern, compact, light in weight and comfortable to carry.
    • Ergonomic sensor fit to the finger.
    • It shows non-invasive blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).

    Physical characteristics:

    Dimension: 57mm (Length) × 31mm (Width) × 30.5mm (Height)

    Power supply:
    2 "AAA" batteries


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