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Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis Therapy

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For Cryolipolysis treatment, protects the skin and surrounding tissues

The Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis therapy or treatment is used during the procedure to protect the skin and superficial tissues from the extreme cold applied to the treatment area. They function as a barrier between the Cryolipolysis equipment and the patient's skin, avoiding direct contact and reducing the risk of damage from frostbite or burns.

The Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis Therapy is made with special materials resistant to cold and water, which guarantees a safe and effective application of Cryolipolysis therapy. Additionally, these membranes are designed to adapt to different areas of the body, as well as the different sizes of applicators used during the treatment.

Requires a Cryolipolysis Therapy Equipment

Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis

Main Functions of the Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis Therapy:

  • Protection of the skin and surrounding tissues: The insulating layer of the membranes prevents the skin and other tissues from being directly exposed to the low temperatures generated by cryolipolysis, thus minimizing the risk of skin damage and reducing the possibility of cold burns.
  • Optimizing Results: By providing a barrier between the applicator and the skin, the membranes help concentrate cooling on the underlying fat cells more efficiently, which can improve therapy or treatment results by directing the cold more efficiently. accurate to target areas.
  • Greater patient comfort: The use of membranes during the procedure can make the experience more comfortable for the patient by minimizing the uncomfortable sensations associated with intense cold.
  • Risk reduction: By protecting the skin and tissues, the membranes significantly reduce the risk of complications or unwanted side effects related to Cryolipolysis treatment.
Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis

    Specifications of the Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis Therapy:

    • Small Size: 28cm x 28cm
    • Medium size 27cm x 30cm
    • Size Large 34cm x 42cm

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