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USB Key and Software Update for Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

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USB Key and Software Update for Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Software version 4.8.3 improved with 52 Reports 100% in Spanish

📍 This USB key is also compatible with Soft. Version 6.3.34 (61 reports) of the sixth generation team.

We are the only ones in Mexico to be able to offer the USB key to update old biomagnetic scanners. Before purchasing, ask about compatibility with your device since not all devices are compatible to upgrade to the latest version corresponding to each device model.


-Now more assertive and precise.
-Lifetime updates
-The new test interface instructions are more clear, scientific and precise.
-The accuracy of the reports increased by more than 10% in this latest version, achieving an accuracy of approximately 90% to 95%.

*We also have previous versions available in English and Amway

The number of reports increased to 52, being the following:

  1. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular
  2. Gastrointestinal function
  3. Liver function
  4. Gallbladder Function
  5. Pancreatic Function
  6. Renal function
  7. Pulmonary function
  8. Cerebral Nerve
  9. Bone Diseases
  10. Bone mineral density
  11. Rheumatoid Bone Disease
  12. blood glucose
  13. Basic Physical Condition
  14. Human Toxin
  15. Trace elements
  16. Heavy Metals
  17. Amino acids
  18. Endocrine system
  19. Immune system
  20. Prostate (Man)
  21. Male Sexual Function
  22. Gynecology (Woman)
  23. Breasts (Female)
  24. Fur
  25. Eye
  26. Allergens
  27. Vitamin
  28. Obesity
  29. Bone Growth Rate
  30. Coenzyme
  31. Sperm and semen (Man)
  32. Lipids in the Blood
  33. Channels and Collaterals
  34. Human Elements
  35. Collagen/Thyroid
  36. Menstrual Cycle (Woman)
  37. Heart and Brain Pulse
  38. Comparative Report (Original)
  39. Large Intestine Function
  40. Thyroid
  41. ADHD (Children)
  42. Compositional Report
  43. Comparative Report (Comparison)
  44. Fatty acids
  45. Expert Analysis
  46. Hand Analysis
  47. Trace elements (Children)
  48. Vitamins (Children)
  49. Amino acids (Children)
  50. Coenzyme (Children)
  51. Fatty Acids (Children)
  52. ADHD (Male and Female)

52 REPORTS IN TOTAL, they do not all appear together in one person, obviously it will depend on whether it is a man, woman or child, combined they are all 52 described next. We are the only ones in Mexico that have version 4.8.3, which is the most updated, don't be fooled.


  • 1 Downloadable software in Spanish (version 4.8.3 or 6.3.34), English or for Amway Distributors (Indicate it when ordering)
  • 1 encrypted USB key

Installation and handling video of the equipment as well as free telephone support.

*Don't be fooled, do your research before buying. There are no USBs with supposed serial numbers, nor analyzers with holograms, "certificates", nor with supposed "authenticity cards" although all serialized with the same number, it makes no sense. Everything is apocryphal and we can prove it to you, you will draw your own conclusions. If they were original they would have the latest version available, don't you think?

At Pronapresa we have the software with the most recent and improved versions for each device, 100% in Spanish and with unlimited updates for life.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (Biomagnetic Scanner) with 2-year warranty

IMPORTANT: If you want to update your device to version 4.8.3 or 6.3.34, before making the payment you must first send a photograph of your device and the USB key so that we can confirm compatibility with our software.

The software update is 100% free for life if you purchased the Analyzer equipment from Pronapresa; does not require purchasing this update. If you did not receive the software update email, please get in touch. Thank you


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