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5MP HD Iriscope with 30X Zoom

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5MP HD Iriscope with 30X Zoom

With the most current software version CADI CV Advance Software V3.31 in Spanish

The iriscope, also called iridoscope, is a digital analysis device whose function is to examine the iris and evaluate if there is any pathological problem that has not yet presented symptoms . The iris is a reflection of our physical state that constantly receives signals from all parts of our body. Thanks to this and the iriscope, different conditions in our body can be detected that can be treated in time. The iriscope is a highly precise tool and very widely used by iridologists, naturopaths and health professionals for the examination of the iridian disc and sclera.

This device contains the CADI CV Advance V3.31 version 100% in Spanish, the most updated, with a new analysis option called Sclera, in which situations with cataracts can be observed and detected according to the structure of the image of the eye, copper toxicity, gluten intolerance, connective tissue breakdown, disharmony of the spleen and heart, venous heart and liver, blue line of the heart, heat bubbles and endocrine insufficiency.

How is the iris analyzed with the iriscope ?

Through this tool, pathological trends, acute or chronic processes, injuries, favorable changes in diseases, among others, that are reflected in the iris can be recognized.

Topographically, the iris is divided into 12 radial sectors (like the face of a clock) and 7 concentric rings. All the important organs of the body are represented in one area of ​​the iris; Thus, while an organ remains stable, its iris area will also appear stable.

When the Iridoscope is connected to the computer, the patient is scanned or evaluated, placing the lens on the edge of the patient's eye and the shots of both eyes are displayed on the PC in high resolution.

5MP Iriscope Benefits:

  • It helps to find different pathologies in the body.
  • Diseases such as endocrine insufficiency, heart and liver problems, diabetes, among others, can be treated.
  • A pathological problem can be anticipated, even if there are no symptoms.
  • It is easy to use and transport.

5MP Iriscope Technical Features:

  • CADI CV Advance V3.31 software 100% in Spanish
  • 5 Megapixel resolution of the high resolution CCD sensor.
  • Powerful 30X magnification
  • Lighting system calibrated to work with a high shutter speed.
  • It connects directly to the computer and does not require an electrical power source.
  • The focus and brightness of light can be adjusted using the switch on the handle.
  • It uses its own software which can store patient information and photographs for later consultation and/or measurement of changes.
  • Digital capture button.
  • You can print analysis reports, photos are saved according to the date and time taken.
  • LED illuminator around the lens.
  • Imported lens with silver coating.
  • Special DSP image processor, optical image stabilizer.
  • It has a focus wheel to get a clearer image.
  • Auto balance and contrast adjustment with color temperature filter.
  • It offers very clear and sharp images with high precision.
  • It is very easy to operate, it is recommended to have some knowledge of iridology.
  • Works on any OS base computer: Windows XP, Win2000-2003, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win 10.
  • Captures the colors, lights and shadows that are in the iris.
  • It contains filters that divide these colors into red, green and blue (RGB).
  • It connects via USB port to the PC and allows you to capture stationary scenes through three exposures in color, black and white.

Package Included:

1 x Aluminum and black fiber case for protection and transportation
1 x 5 Megapixel HD Iriscope with 30X zoom
1 x Manual in Spanish

1 x Iridology Chart
1 x Software Usage Video
1 x Common Iridology Questions and Answers
1 x 70-page Iridology Book (English)
1 x 4GB installation and information USB

1 x
USB Key or Dongle

1 year warranty


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