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Electrical Stimulator for Abdominal Muscles and Arms

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Electrical Stimulator for Abdominal Muscles and Arms

Goodbye fat, Hello new body!

You no longer have excuses for not having the body of your dreams with just 12 minutes a day, you can exercise anywhere and at any time with this training system. The application of electrostimulation on the muscle allows you to increase muscle mass, tone and eliminate flaccidity. 

It works with low intensity electrical impulses causing involuntary contraction of muscles similar to a sports activity. It can be used during any workout to increase exercise (weights, yoga, any sport except swimming).


-Eliminates body fat by reducing measurements.

-Tones muscles.

-Improves circulation.

-Each EMS machine can be individually adjusted in mode and intensity or you can use all 3 EMS simultaneously by adjusting the required mode and intensity respectively.

-EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology develops muscles through the skin, it is currently recognized as an effective method to train muscles with a program of just 12 minutes a day.

-It is suitable for the abdomen, arms, waist and legs.

-With 6 programming modes or levels.

-With high quality abs gel sheet, the conductivity is improved by 30%.

-Ultra thin and compact.

-You can do muscle training in the office, bedroom or anywhere you want. Not just in the gym.

-Easy to use! Designed with ergonomics and aimed at exercising the abdominal muscle.

- Simply place the exercise equipment where you want to strengthen your muscles and press a button to start the exercise.

- They use 2 AAA batteries, they can be rechargeable (not included)

- It has an automatic shut-off system every 12 minutes.

1. Don't use it when you are sleeping.
2. The following people cannot use EMS as it may cause accidents, skin or body problems.
-Electronic medical devices transplanted internally, such as pacemakers.
-Electronic life support equipment, such as the artificial cardiopulmonary machine.
-Electronic medical devices connected to the body, such as electrocardiogram scanner.
-Women who are pregnant or have recently had babies.

Set includes:

  • 1 x EMS abdomen (self-adhesive)
  • 2 x EMS for arms (self-adhesive)

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