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Belmint TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator

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Belmint TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator

Get immediate pain relief!

Do you suffer from residual pain due to sports injuries, bad positions or stress?

The Belmint TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) Electronic Pulse Stimulator is the ultimate device that offers you long-lasting relief better than pills or visits to the chiropractor. This powerful device provides relief through its pulsating electrodes that effectively stimulate the body and act accordingly, relieving pain, stiffness and chronic pain in any area of ​​the body where it is applied.

Choose your massage settings

If your sore muscles need some intensity to help relax you and make you feel good, the Belmint TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator is designed with that in mind by being equipped with 5 automatic programs of massage settings that pleasantly stimulate the nerves and muscles. For the relief of injuries, pain after a long day of work or a training session, the Belmint TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator keeps them flexible and relaxed.

Easy to operate

Whether you have pain in your neck, shoulders, elbows, arms, hands, knees, thighs, calves or any other part of your body, the Belmint TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator will eagerly take care of that pain. With the touch of a button you can adjust the intensity level from 1 and increase up to 10. The equipment works in 15-minute sessions and automatically turns off for your convenience.

Save time and money

You will no longer have to wait to receive your exercise therapies or massages, or buy pills and injections prescribed by most doctors. At a fraction of the cost, you can receive a relaxing massage to relieve those chronic pains in the comfort of your home, office or even while traveling. Feel relief with the push of a button!

The advanced healing model of the Belmint TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator is equipped with powerful healing electric pads and is a state-of-the-art pain treatment using technology that relieves muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness, chronic pain and various body pains. This device is the perfect choice for athletes, bodybuilders, travelers, housewives and anyone who has residual pain from sports injuries, bad positions or stress, as it is lightweight, compact and portable for use anywhere.

How to use

The Belmint TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator comes with 5 automatic programmed massage settings which are fully adjustable to massage the area of ​​discomfort. This system, unlike EMS devices which act at the muscular level, uses high-frequency pulses that relieve pain, reduce stress, and treat osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia conditions. The pulse massager comes with 11 buttons of which 6 are specific to the injury area, 3 selectable massage options and 2 buttons to increase or decrease the speed.

What is in the box?

1 x TENS control unit
4 x Electrodes (pads)
2 x Dual Lead Wire Sets
4 x AAA batteries
1 x Manual

NOTE: TENS should not be used on:
-People with pacemakers.
-Pregnant women.
-People with epilepsy.
-People with thrombosis or thrombophlebitis.


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