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Home Spa Ionic Detoxifier (Detox)

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Home Spa Ionic Detoxifier (Detox)

Detoxifies the body with ions through the feet

The Ionic Foot Detoxifier (Ion Detox Home Spa) detoxifies the body in minutes, purifies, balances and enhances energy. Due to its practical size, it is ideal for travel, for personal use at home or office, for naturopaths, medical students or people interested in starting their own business.

Start your own business helping thousands of people detoxify their bodies!

The new Ionic Foot Detoxifier (Ion Detox Home Spa) is a cleansing and detoxifying system that helps with total body purification. This device ionizes and magnetizes salt water through electrolysis or separation of the elements that compose it, which, upon contact with the feet, causes a series of reactions, energetically stimulating the body, detoxifying it and improving its functions. The Home Spa Ionic Detoxifier (Detox) is so practical that you can take it with you everywhere even when you travel.

This effective device is used mainly for home use or for people who require mobility; Due to its practical size and method of use, it is as easy to use as pressing a button, preventing and caring for the health and family economy.

The Home Spa Ionic Detoxifier (Detox) serves to detoxify the body because it accumulates toxins in the different organs when it cannot get rid of them. When the body stores an excess of toxins inside, the bioenergetic balance is lost and diseases appear. Currently, due to poor diet and high levels of tension, we tend to accumulate and store excessive amounts of waste products of the lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric and diacetic liver acids.

What includes?

  • 1x Control Unit
  • 1xArray
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • Does not include tub

Equipment with 1 YEAR WARRANTY


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