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7 Liter Oxygen Concentrator and Nebulizer 2 in 1

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Improves oxygen saturation in the blood.

Oxygen Concentrator 1-7L/mm. and nebulizer, 2 in 1 for home use.

This is an oxygen generator for patients with mild symptoms or recovering. It has the advantages of high variable oxygen concentration and stable oxygen output. It is suitable in domestic scenarios, it serves to recover normal levels of oxygen saturation in the blood. The oxygen generator has a function to program it for hours, minutes or continuous use.

Benefits of the 7 Liter Oxygen Concentrator and Nebulizer 2 in 1:

  • Improves oxygen saturation in the blood.
  • Reduces pulmonary hypertension.
  • Increases expectancy and quality of life.
  • Increases exercise tolerance.
  • Slows the progression of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Features of the 7 Liter Oxygen Concentrator and Nebulizer 2 in 1:

  • Silent, compact and easy to operate equipment.
  • Provides a constant oxygen flow of 1-7 L/min.
  • Continuous operation.
  • Digital panel to raise or lower oxygen levels from 1 to 7 Liters/Minute.
  • Digital buttons to program the oxygen delivery time.
  • Auto shut-off function.
  • Optional remote control operation.
  • "Help" function that will emit a sound to be assisted.
  • Operating mode: continuous or scheduled
  • Security system:
    • Current overload protection
    • Compressor high temperature protection

Technical Specifications of the 7 Liter Oxygen Concentrator and 2 in 1 Nebulizer:

-Power supply: AC110V 60Hz
-Output power: 150 VA
-Oxygen concentration: 35% -90% (adjustable by flow)
-Oxygen flow: 1 ~ 7L/min
-Net weight: 5.5kg

1. Adjustable oxygen concentration:

  • Continuous flow supply 1-7L/min adjustable
  • Concentration levels according to L/min of output:
    • 1L - 93±3%
    • 2L - 75-82%
    • 3L - 60-70%
    • 4L - 52-60%
    • 5-6L - 40-52%
    • 7L - 30-40%

2. Molecular sieve:
High efficiency lithium sieve, strong adsorption, high oxygen yield, strong stability.

3. Compressor:
Pure copper oil-free double cylinder air compressor, small power consumption, strong power, low noise and fast heat dissipation.

4. Low noise:
The measured noise is as low as 42 dB and the oxygen concentration is high, which can still be maintained in continuous operation

5. Intelligent control:
IMD beautiful large color panel, easy to operate, large color LED display, with flow regulation buttons, voice broadcast function, timer operation function and with infrared remote control, making it easier for you to operate without needing to get up.

6. 2 in 1 oxygen inhalation and atomization:
Special interface for atomization, oxygen generation and atomization are carried out at the same time


• New oxygen concentrator equipment
• Power cable
• Nasal cannula for oxygen suction
• Atomization cup
• 2 Filters
• 2 Fuses
• Remote control
• Manual

Additional Information:
It has the advantages of high oxygen concentration and stable oxygen output. It is suitable for home scenarios, so you can breathe high-quality air at home. It is recommended to supply in Liters/Minute. The generator has timing function. The user can configure the time in 8 hour intervals.

*It is not medical equipment.

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