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Colgate 360 ​​Sonic Charcoal

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Colgate 360 ​​Sonic Charcoal

Toothbrush with sonic vibrations and antibacterial charcoal-infused bristles

The Colgate 360 ​​Charcoal Sonic Toothbrush really helps keep your brush clean thanks to its charcoal-infused antibacterial bristles. The ultra-thin and lightweight handle design provides sonic vibrations of 20,000 strokes per minute . The compact brush head includes Floss Tip bristles and polishing cups to remove surface stains plus a tongue and cheek cleaner that eliminates odor-causing bacteria. Helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the bristles, the toothbrush does not kill bacteria in the mouth, it does not replace the use of floss or toothpaste.


  • Brush with sonic vibrations for a comprehensive oral cleaning (cleans and polishes).
  • Helps keep your brush clean with antibacterial bristles (helps prevent bacteria growth on the bristles).
  • The cheek and tongue cleaner eliminates odor-causing bacteria.
  • Rubber buffer helps remove surface stains.
  • Sonic toothbrush with battery included.
  • Soft charcoal-infused bristles.
  • Built-in tongue scraper.
  • Replaceable brush head and batteries.

Technical specifications:

  • Vibration mode: Oscillating
  • Dimensions (Overall): 8.99 inches (H) x 2.11 inches (W) x 1.38 inches (D)
  • Suggested age: 8 years or older
  • Bristle type: Soft
  • Head type: Compact
  • Bristles Material: Charcoal Infused Nylon
  • Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Power supply: 1 AA alkaline battery (included)

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