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What are electric muscle massagers for?

What are electric muscle massagers for?
Everyday life can become stressful with so many activities. After a hard day of work, whether in the office or at home, few things are as welcome as a good massage.
Having a massager at home can soothe us even after the hardest days. They are those types of devices that we reserve for a personal moment, to give our tired body a break. Have you ever tried using one?
Massagers are devices whose main objective is to relieve different muscular discomforts in the body. These can be caused by stress, fatigue or work overload, among other factors. The idea is to apply the massager to the area of ​​the body that suffers from muscle discomfort to try to correct it.

What are electric muscle massagers for? They provide a healthy and better quality of life, the massagers work on the different parts of your body, stimulating the circulatory system, toning and relaxing your muscles, regenerating and firming the skin, also removing the fat accumulated in your body, as always with proper use. .

What is an electric muscle massager? It is a Mechanical or Electronic Device, specially designed to perform pleasant Body Massages for therapeutic purposes, to prevent and relieve, remove, regenerate, muscles and soft tissues of the skin.

Benefits of electric muscle massagers

  • Increases sports performance: In reality, there is talk of the possibility of being a better athlete by spending more time in training and competitions. Whether to avoid being injured or quickly overcome an ailment, massagers offer this possibility of preventing the body from cooling down and losing the strength gained.
  • Dilates the vessels and veins: This improves the circulatory system and reaches a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues, such as muscles. When these elements reach the muscle fibers better, they can be better prepared to withstand sporting demands.
  • They reduce tensions: Whether due to a change in sports intensity or a day of a lot of walking, the body sometimes does not recover from these tensions and irregular muscle groupings are generated, which leaves pain and stiffness when performing some joint movements.
  • Reduces pain: When it comes to physical injuries, these electric massagers are great for calming contractures by activating trigger points, which promote relief from ailments in the areas where they are located and in associated areas, such as migraine relief when the neck is stimulated. and the shoulders.
  • Releases endorphins: This wonderful natural component provides an important analgesic effect, which also helps relieve pain related to minor physical injuries such as contractures and cramps, which causes muscle fatigue in athletes and people who are active all day.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety: When the mind is busy solving problems on a daily basis, emotions are altered and the body reacts with frequent muscle tension. Electric massagers allow for a total relaxation process that goes from the muscle fibers to the thoughts.

Electric muscle massagers help:

  • Relax muscles: When the fibers are relaxed, they have a better capacity for flexibility and elasticity, this causes the muscles to obtain greater strength and resistance that will allow them to be in tune with the physical activity that people perform.
  • As recovery therapy: Both the heat and the stimulating movements make the muscles rest better and have all the components they require to overcome minor physical injuries such as elongations and contractures, quite common in the sporting world.
  • To prevent injuries: You can use these massagers to warm up specific muscle groups and to cool down the body after a workout. Both phases are important to maintain healthy muscles and better functioning of the lymphatic system.
  • To be relaxed: The mind and body are more connected than you think, so muscle stimulation will help calm tensions and this is reflected in people's emotional stability, thus reducing the possibility of entering into depression.
  • Allows you to stay active: Part of the function of electric massagers is to inhibit muscle pain, which will give more space for people to continue doing the activities they need to do daily.
  • Protects myofascial tissue: Although it is not their strength, these massagers also stimulate the fascia, which must be healthy so that there is greater flexibility in the natural movements that people need to make. We also have different products that better treat fascia problems through massages.
  • Avoid inflammation: To treat this point, foot massagers are the best products you can have on hand. When people have problems with blood circulation, the feet and legs are often swollen and it is best to perform stimulation with friction and increased temperature to support circulatory function.
  • Enhances nerve function: Massages usually reduce muscle tension that generates nerve compressions, but it is also proven that stimulation protects the nerve endings that affect the movements that people make.
  • Reduces muscle adhesions: These adhesions are unions of tissues and organs that should not be joined naturally. It is common for adhesions to occur due to constant injuries in the same part of the body, the tissues lose the ability to regenerate correctly and form adhesions that are usually avoided with massages.
  • Improves joint movement: Although it is not recommended that there be direct stimulation of the bones, when the muscles work correctly it allows the tendons and ligaments to also function correctly, which protects the joints.

Types of Massagers Muscular 

Currently they are available for all applications, in the Market they exist for Professional or Home Use, From Chairs, Armchairs, Hair Massagers, Head and eyes, Facial Massagers , Neck, Shoulders, Lumbar, Abdominal, Arms, Hands and Legs Massagers, Finally for Feet. We present to you one of the most requested massagers on the market.

Multifunctional Dual EMS Muscle Massager

With 8 patch acupuncture therapy.

Helps relieve pain due to effort or stress in the back, shoulders, arms, legs, etc.
Its design is very practical but at the same time professional, you can use it daily without any problem.
It is a powerful aid to relax, eliminate stress, muscle tension and fatigue.
Electronic pulses stimulate pressure points and improve blood flow.

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