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What is Vital Health, what are its products for and how to be a distributor?

Vital Health is a proudly 100% Mexican company, it began operations on February 1, 2022 and since that date it has had surprisingly exponential growth in less than a year thanks to its effective products made with adaptogens, perfected formulas and correct weights of pure ingredients. and natural products enhanced with nanotechnology, and its attractive compensation plan.

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    The Vital Health corporate team has more than 50 years of experience in direct sales and the founders have extensive experience in the health industry, thanks to this they have their own laboratory and facilities with more than 1000 m² equipped with cutting-edge technology to the manufacturing, bottling and packaging of all its products with doctors, scientists, chemists and formulators with years of experience and registrations with COFEPRIS, the FDA and complying with extensive certifications such as the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) classification, among other.

    How to become a Vital Health distributor?

    Vital Health is a company that manufactures its own products, without intermediaries, this allows us to provide you with a rewards plan that pays up to 80% of volume points.

    Don't think twice, join our team of champions! We have an educational system that will allow you to learn how to develop YOUR business from scratch and you will also get the support of Pronapresa for any questions that may arise during the process.

    📍 Just click on the following link and choose your starter package:

    With only $580 you can purchase Vital Health products with up to a 50% discount from now on by purchasing the lifetime membership, but that membership will only serve to save money, not to generate it , since to obtain income you need to purchase a package of start that will allow you to earn commissions from your network in addition to purchasing products for your business now with up to a 70% discount, depending on the package you choose.

    By purchasing a starter package, unlike just being a Vital Health customer, you become an active member and will get your own online store so that your guests, friends and/or acquaintances can buy from you anywhere in Mexico (and soon USA) and you don't have to worry about shipping or making the payment, you will only send them a link like this 👉 (but with your name at the end).

    Here you can download:

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